As The Muslim Association of Brantford, we extend a warm invitation to all Muslims to come and offer their daily prayers with us. Salah, the five daily prayers, plays a crucial role in Islamic practice and serves as a means of connecting with Allah and seeking guidance and peace. Our mosque provides a serene and peaceful environment where worshippers can come together as a community to perform their prayers and deepen their connection with their faith.

Our prayer hall is a focal point of our mosque and is designed to accommodate the needs of all worshippers. Our facilities include washing stations and ablution areas for preparing for prayer, as well as spaces for study and reflection. Our mosque is also dedicated to providing educational opportunities, guidance, and support to those seeking to deepen their knowledge of the Islamic faith.

In addition to offering daily prayers, our mosque is also a center for community events and gatherings, bringing together members of our community to celebrate important religious observances, socialize, and support each other. Whether for daily prayers or for other religious events, the mosque serves as a place of unity and solidarity, where members of the community can come together to connect with their faith and with each other.

We encourage all Muslims to come and offer their daily prayers with us at the mosque. We believe that the act of offering daily prayers as a community enhances the spiritual experience and strengthens the bond between individuals and their faith. We look forward to welcoming you to our mosque and to sharing this spiritual journey together.

– Congregational prayers five times a day

– Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha prayers

– Friday Congregational prayers

– Taraweh prayers during Ramadan

MAB Prayer Times

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