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Funeral Director (License No. 4746829), License Class: TSSR Restricted.
Br. Mazhar Latif.

MAB Funeral Team:
Br. Raja Saleem

Br. Suleiman Yacoub

Br. Muhammad Rizwan

Funeral Service

– كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْت

“Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as a trial, and to Us, you will be returned.” (Quran 21:35)

The only guaranteed event of this life for every human being is death. It is important that a proper Islamic funeral process should take place to take care of the deceased. The passing of a loved one is distressful and overwhelming for the family and relatives. This guide is intended to help and facilitate the family by laying out a step-by-step procedure for executing the burial process in accordance with Islamic teachings and applicable government regulations.

The Muslim Association of Brantford (MAB) is a Canadian charitable organization, established in 1967. MAB has been providing funeral and burial services for the Muslim community in Brantford and adjacent areas since 2014 with the mission to facilitate the bereaved families in this most difficult time through a seamless direction, guidance, and supervision of the whole process. MAB makes all possible efforts in its capacity in making this process as convenient and affordable to the community as possible while adhering to Islamic values, customs, and teachings as well as abiding by the local laws and standards.

MAB provides funeral services through a dedicated team of volunteers FREE of CHARGE.

Service includes:

⦁ MAB provides a well-defined streamlined process for the funeral.
⦁ Free Freezer room service.
⦁ Free Ghusal service.
⦁ Free cascade.
⦁ Free Coffin.
⦁ Free use of the facility and Masjid for the family.

The family needs to pay for the following services to the City of Brantford:
⦁ The City of Brantford, Mount Hope Cemetery office for cemetery arrangements.
⦁ The approximate cost is around $3000 to $4000.
⦁ The burial permit fee to the City of Brantford is approximately $50.00

Our request to the community is that MAB runs these services with the support and generous donations of the community members. We highly recommend to DONATE to the Masjid for the funeral services so that we can keep our services free of charge for the community.

Step-by-step process:

Here we would like to explain a step-by-step guide on the funeral and burial process at MAB funeral services for the information of the community members and to assist the families who have lost a loved one in the hospital or at home, and who are now planning arrangements for the funeral and burial.

Contact MAB Funeral Committee

The MAB funeral committee members have dedicated volunteers who are well familiar with the procedures and will make every effort to make this time easier for the family by providing support throughout the entire funeral process. MAB Funeral Director will work closely with one of the family members to initiate the funeral process. The process will be initiated by contacting one of the MAB BOD or the funeral committee members that contains information about the deceased and the primary contact person from the family.

Requirements for initiating the process include:

⦁ Official Photo ID of the deceased.
⦁ Official Photo ID of next of kin of the deceased.
⦁ In-person meeting with MAB funeral director.

Death at Home:

In the case of an unexpected death at home, the family must immediately call 911 to inform of the death and follow the directions from the authorities. MAB Funeral Committee should be contacted and will immediately initiate necessary formalities and arrangements. A death certificate (Form 16) will be issued either by a family doctor or by the Coroner’s Office. MAB initiates the process after receiving the death certificate from the doctor.

Death at Hospital:

In the case of death occurring at the hospital or nursing home, a death certificate (Form 16) will be issued from the hospital. Hospital staff releases the body to MAB once the death certificate is issued.

The following shall be noted:

⦁ In case of stillbirth, Form-7 will be filled in.
⦁ The family should leave the deceased at the hospital until all the necessary procedures are completed by the hospital.
⦁ MAB’s funeral director will make necessary arrangements to obtain Form 16 with the help of the family.
⦁ Once the death has been confirmed, the hospital staff will normally allow some time for the family to mourn. The staff will prepare the body for pickup in the meantime.
⦁ MAB’s funeral director will coordinate all arrangements with the hospital and family members for collecting the body from the hospital.
⦁ The hospital staff will shift the body to the morgue from where MAB will retrieve the body on behalf of the family.

Whether the death occurs at home or at the hospital/nursing home, it is highly recommended to follow these procedures with the deceased:

⦁ Close the eyes of the deceased with a warm cloth.
⦁ Wrap a scarf around the face such that the lower jaw is firmly closed and does not hang;
⦁ Straighten the limbs without exerting any force; and
⦁ Cover the body with a clean sheet.

Transportation to the Mosque:

MAB does not have a vehicle for the sole purpose of transporting the deceased body. However, in case the family is unable to arrange for transportation, MAB will make necessary transportation arrangements through a local funeral home if requested by the family. This will include receiving and transporting the body from the Hospital morgue to the Masjid and then to the local cemetery after performing the Janaza prayer. The cost for alternate transportation from a third party is approx. $1000-1500 that can be paid directly to the third party.

If a family cannot afford the transportation arrangements for the deceased to the Masjid and onwards to the cemetery. MAB can arrange free transportation, please contact Br. Mazhar Latif (or MAB funeral director) for information and advice in this regard.

Funeral arrangements:

The following steps must be completed to perform the funeral in a timely manner:

Funeral Preparation: For same-day funeral service between Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. The family must have the death certificate with the MAB funeral director before 11:00 am.
After 11:00 am MAB processes the funeral services the next business day.
Saturday, City provides limited services. For Saturday’s funeral processing. The family must have the death certificate with the MAB funeral director before 3:00 pm on Friday.
Sunday and public holidays – No MAB Funeral service.

Monday to Friday excluding public holidays – After Zahur prayer
Saturday – 11:00 am

Ghusal Timings:
Monday to Friday excluding public holidays – Before 11:00 am
Saturday – Before 10:00 am.

Use of Freezer Room:
MAB Funeral services coordinator will discuss and decide with the family the scope and timing of the use of the freezer room and must turn on the freezer room at least 30 minutes before the arrival of the deceased body.

MAB Statement of Death:
MAB Funeral Services Coordinator is responsible to issue the statement of death to the deceased family within a week of funeral processing.

Cemetery Arrangements
Alhamdulillah MAB has had arrangements with the City of Brantford for Muslim Funerals since 1991. We have reserved site allocation at the Oakhill cemetery for the Muslim community.
The street address of the cemetery is:
Oak Hill Cemetery
17 Jennings Road, Brant County
N3T 5L7

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