Dawa & Outreach

Dawa & Outreach

The Muslim Association of Brantford is dedicated to spreading the message of Islam and promoting understanding of our faith in the wider community. Through our Dawa efforts, we aim to reach out to people of all ages and backgrounds, sharing the teachings of Islam and answering any questions they may have.

We warmly invite visitors and school groups to tour our mosque and learn more about Islam. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to provide information and answer questions, helping to promote greater understanding and respect between different cultures and communities.

In addition to offering tours and presentations, we also provide written materials about Islam, including brochures and copies of the Quran. These resources are designed to provide an introduction to the principles and teachings of Islam and to help answer any questions that people may have about our faith.

Our mosque is a place of worship, learning, and community, and we are proud to serve as a hub for the local Muslim community. Whether you are seeking a place to pray, learn more about Islam, or simply connect with others, we welcome you to join us.

The Muslim Association of Brantford believes in the importance of building bridges between different communities and cultures. We are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds can come together in peace and respect. We have an open-door policy and always welcome guests and visitors. 

Here are some of our key outreach programs:

  • Mohammad El-Fram Annual Scholarship for school boards.
  • Annual Open House.
  • Participating for over 40 years in International Village, an annual event in the city of Brantford.
  • Proud partner of the Sunday Supper program.
  • Muslim Fest – A cultural annual event for everyone.

We invite you to visit us and learn more about the programs and services we offer. Whether you are a Muslim seeking a spiritual home, or simply someone looking to learn more about Islam and the local community, we look forward to meeting you.

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