2023 Capital Project

2023 Capital Renovation

Assalamu Alaikum,

As a vital part of the Muslim community in Brantford, we are reaching out to our brothers and sisters in faith to ask for your support in an essential project. The Muslim Association of Brantford has been a cornerstone for the Muslim community in this area for many years, but as our community continues to grow rapidly, our mosque is in dire need of renovations to meet the needs of our congregants.

We believe that the mosque is not just a place of worship, but it also serves as a community center where we gather to celebrate our faith, culture, and traditions. A mosque is a place where we find solace, support, and comfort during difficult times, and it is a place where we come together to build bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

However, our mosque is facing challenges in accommodating the growing needs of our community. With limited space and outdated facilities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide adequate services and resources to our congregants. That’s why we are calling on our community to come together to support our fundraising efforts to help fund the necessary renovations for our mosque.

The total cost of these renovations is estimated to be around $237,000. With your support, we can make our mosque better for our future. Thank you.

Shoe Management

One major issue is shoe management, which has been a major complaint from those attending Friday prayers. After renovation, the mosque will be able to accommodate 1000 pairs of shoes at both entrances, making the mosque look more professional and organized

Narrow Hallway

We also face crowd control issues due to the narrow hallway. To resolve this, we plan to widen the hallway towards the multipurpose community hall, which is used for Friday prayers, community gatherings, and other outreach events. We will redesign the aesthetics of the area to give it a fresh modern look.

Railing System

we will modernize the railing system in the main prayer area, replacing the outdated glass with a safer design (glass is a safety risk for kids). The carpet in the prayer space is also due for replacement, as it is approximately 15 years old.

List of key items list for the Project
Shoe Racking System$10,000.00
Flooring (Vinyl and Tiles$12,000.00
AV and Security$40,000.00
Tables and Chairs$20,000.00
AC System$10,000.00
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