Looking for a spacious, clean, formal hall? The Brantford Mosque Community Hall is now for general use!
The Community Hall at the Brantford Mosque is available for use. The Hall has a spacious seating which can accommodate 200 guests. It can be booked for a nominal charge to cover the cleaning cost ($100).
The Hall has a large kitchen. It is used for warming and serving food only. It has a commercial size range, 2 large coffee urns, and 2 microwave ovens. As well, the kitchen has wide window with a large counter (bar-style) to facilitate serving. In addition, there are 2 refrigerators for storing and cooling food.
Our community hall can be used for multi purpose gatherings. It is ideal for Muslim celebrations such as Aqiqah, Weddings, Nikah, and etc.
Muslims who use the Hall for gatherings will enjoy:

  • A clean spacious dining room
  • Clean toilets and Wudu areas
  • Masjids for prayers, to be used by both genders

Local Organizations may book our Community Hall for their meetings. Please use our online contact us form if you are interested in booking our Community Hall.