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Members of the Muslim community settled in Brant County organize themselves as “The Muslim Association of Brantford (MAB).” During 1970s, MAB has attained the registered a Charitable Organization status in the Province of Ontario in 1982. Since its inception, the MAB had become active in the social life of the City of Brantford. It became an active member of the Brantford International Villages Festival, and the Immigrant Settlement and Counseling Services.

The Late Muzaffar-ul-Haq was one of our active members and a Chairman of the Brantford Public Library. As well, Brother Muhammad El-Farram, the Imam in the community for 30 years is an active participant the civic, social, political, and religious life of our city. Also many of our members are highly qualified professionals; many of them are doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, pharmacists, and etc.

For 20 years the MAB used the Multicultural Centre in Brantford as its head-office. Most of its activities including the religious ones took place at the Multicultural Centre too. In 1999, the MAB bought the property on 288 Murray Street and established it as the first Mosque in Brantford. 6 years later in April 2005, the association purchased the Masonic Lodge on 192 Greenwich Street. In the year 2008, the MAB purchased the adjacent property to the Mosque, on 200 Greenwich Street, in order that it can be utilized as an Educational and Cultural Centre in the future. By taking this ambitious step the MAB demonstrated its determination to strengthen its existence in the city of Brantford.

Brantford Mosque is owned and maintained by The Muslim Association of Brantford (MAB). The Muslim Association of Brantford is a Canadian charitable organization. It was established in 1967. However the MAB was registered in Ontario in 1982.

Since May, 2005 the MAB has established its permanent office at the following address:

Brantford Mosque
192 Greenwich Street
Ontario, Canada
N3S 2X6
Telephone – (+1) 519-753-2066

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Our Imam

Shaikh Abu Noman Tarek has been serving as an Imam, Teacher, Chaplain, Educator and Consultant in Canada for over 10 years in different religious and educational institutions.

Our Board Members

The Muslim Association of Brantford hold the Annual General Meeting every year to elect it's Board Members. Society of Muslim Association of Brantford elects its President and Society Executives to run the day-to-day functions of the Society and Mosque. Both the President and the Executives are collectively known as the Board Members.

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Our Goal

The Muslim Association of Brantford will strive

  • To assist new comers to settle comfortably in the city of Brantford and vicinity.
  • To maintain the House of Worship Brantford Mosque.
  • To provide its members with necessary spiritual, educational and Social Support.
  • To co-operate with the local government and private agencies with a view to serving the Muslim population in the area.
  • To communicate with the local religious institutions and the ethno-cultural organizations in service of the  Brantford Community at large.

Our Vision

Members of the Muslim Association of Brantford will celebrate a sense of belonging to an organized community that enjoys cooperative and harmonious relationships with Brantford Community at large.

Our Mission

The Muslim Association of Brantford will guide its members with a collaborative community Approach that enhances the environment of Peace, Respect and Cooperation.

Our Values

Members of the Muslim Association of Brantford will practice the Islamic Faith freely in an environment of Peace, Co-operation, Respect and Integrity.