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Announcements & Upcoming Events

Monthly Prayer Time: Please   Click here to download prayer schedule for the month for Brantford Masjid.

February 2019 MAB Programs:


     Cambridge Islamic School Earns top marks | CTV News Kitchener -

     Monthly Towel Cleaning- Like every year this year again the opportunity is available to the community members to get the hassanah from Allah by participating in monthly towel cleaning responsibility.  The objective of this task is to provide clean hygiene towels for cleaning after wadhu and to minimize the ongoing expense of paper towels used in Masjid.  We request families to please write their names on the Towel cleaning sheet in Masjid.  One more way to support your Masjid.  

Better Together

It is a great blessing of All mighty Allah that our second annual “Appreciation And Awards Night” was a great success.  The program was very inclusive, and all the guests and volunteers have enjoyed the program.  We are fortunate that civil services to councillors, Mayor, MPP and Federal Minister of Immigration and Citizenship has attended the program.  Here are some of the program highlights from the social media accounts of our guests:

Federal Minister:

Ahmed Hussen on Twitter: "The Brantford Mosque was recently vandalized with hateful graffiti. How did they respond? They awarded scholarships to local schools boards, appreciation awards to churches who help newcomers & to food bank partners This is 🇨🇦!" / Twitter


Brantford Expositor:

Muslim Association honours locals | Brantford Expositor

Mayor Kevin Davis:

A number of awards were presented tonight at the Muslim Associations Annual Appreciation Dinner.

For more picture about the event please click HERE and enjoy.

Such a great program is not possible without a great team.  It is a great blessing of Allah that we are fortunate to have such a dedicated volunteers and team members.  We sincerely thank all volunteers for the success of this program and specially Imam Tarek for his dedication and hard work who worked very hard for the success of this program.

The most beautiful part of this program is that like last year we have made :

1.     $5000.00  (Five Thousand) to Brantford General Hospital with the generous support of ICNA Relief Canada. 

2.     $1000.00 (One Thousand)  worth of scholarship for Grand Erie District School Board. With the generous support of Br. Anwar Dost.

3.     $1000.00 (One Thousand)   worth of scholarship for Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic School Board. With the generous support of Br. Anwar Dost.

4.     $300.00 (Three hundred)  for Refreshments Sponsored by Br. Anwar Dost.

5.     $1500.00 (Fifteen hundred) Dinner and other arrangements sponsored by Br Esa (Br. Shaabuddin Syed)

Allahamdulilah, a great dawah event but we did not use even a single penny from the Masjid fund for this program.  This is not the only program but MAB board always target to generate and collect funds for programs and events from the beloved community members.  This is not possible without a strong affiliation and commitment of community members towards the MAB.

CONGRATULATIONS to all community members for such a great successful event.

Employment Opportunities:

The Popeyes Brantford is Hiring for various positions.  Please click HERE for details:    

Imam's Message

Assalamualikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

January 29, 2019 marked the second anniversary of the horrific, Islamophobic attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec (CCIQ). Muslim Association of Brantford and Brantford Mosque , along with Canadians across the country, honored the memory of the six Muslim men brutally murdered and nineteen others injured on January 29, 2017 when a gunman entered the mosque and opened fire on worshipers after evening prayers.

The names of the six victims are: Azzedine Soufiane, Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, Abdelkrim Hassane, Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry. May Allah have mercy on their souls. Ameen.

Our hearts are with the families of the victims and the broader CCIQ community as they remember their loved ones. We hope their pain is eased in some small way by knowing that Canadians from all walks of life are sending peace and comfort to them on this very difficult day,

Please note that the sentencing of the man who carried out the shooting, Alexandre Bissonnette. Bissonnette is scheduled to be sentenced in a Quebec court on February 8, 2019.

As we commemorated this day, we not only remember those who were cruelly taken two years ago, but we also commit to looking ahead to how we can continue creating an increasingly peaceful and just Canada where people from all faith and non-faith backgrounds feel safe and welcome. We thank city of Brantford  for proclaiming  January 29 as a "National Day of Remembrance & Action against Islamophobia" in 2018 as a way to remember the victims and show solidarity with other communities affected by hatred, bigotry and racism, including Islamophobia. To this end, we reiterate our unwavering stand against all forms of hate, intolerance and racism that would seek to divide us. 

Our 2nd annual appreciation dinner and awards night "Better Together"  is a sign of our continued commitments towards inclusive, welcoming and peaceful community in Brantford and Canada. This year, Muslim Association of Brantford (MAB) Awards will be presented to David Nuemann, Amos Key Jr, Pat Eyzenga-chair of International Villages and Abdul Latif Chaudhry of Muslim Community for their remarkable contributions to Brantford-Brant Community at large.  Additionally, we will be recognizing our community partners for refugee sponsorship and Sunday supper programs.  Moreover, we will pledge $25,000 donation to Brantford general hospital, and scholarships to Grand Erie and Catholic school boards. We are glad representatives from all levels of government, local media, our community partners, volunteers confirmed their attendance to this event. 

We thank you all for your continued support.

Some useful links for the community Newcomer Connections is a website that helps newcomers who make Brantford-Brant their home. It provides newcomers with information on local services and resources available in Brantford-Brant. Visit the immigration website at and send your questions and suggestions to

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership The Grand Erie Immigration Partnership is involved in planning and implementing activities promoting the economic and social integration of newcomers/immigrants. To learn more please visit us at this link .

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The Muslim Association Of Brantford

The Masjid

The masjid is a sanctified area, in which the rewards of prayers in congregation increase 25 to 27 times and where the mercy of Allah descends. It is considered the best of places by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

Ibn 'Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) relates:

"Masjids are the houses of Allah on the earth. They shine up to the inhabitants of the heavens just as the stars in the sky shine down to the inhabitants of the earth."

A true masjid, in the legal sense, is a place that has been permanently dedicated to Allah for the sake of prayer, recitation, and His remembrance. Any piece of land that has been dedicated permanently for the sake of congregational prayers will also become a proper masjid..